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Medical Qigong: Chi Gong’s Victory Over Cancer

Medical Qigong: Chi Gong’s Victory Over Cancer

Nowadays more and more people are battling against a deadly disease called cancer. Generally, a lot of cancer victims resort to chemotherapy hoping to stop the rapid proliferation of cancer cells but because chemotherapeutic agents also affect normal healthy cells, patients ended up feeling sicker than before. Others subject themselves to surgery and radiation to eliminate cancer cells, though some are successful there are still a huge number of reported cases of recurrent cancer cells.

Qigong on the other hand, has been used in China decades of years ago to successfully cure cancer. It all started when a woman named Guo Lin, who was also a cancer victim, was able to cure herself through practicing Qigong.

Guo Lin was afflicted with uterine cancer and she had her cancer removed through surgery in 1949. Unfortunately, the cancer returned in 1960s and this time it has already metastasized to other adjacent organs, particularly her bladder. She underwent another surgery but experience another relapse. Because of this the doctors diagnosed that she has only six more months to live.

The incident made her realize that she has to start studying Qigong and practice it again as what her grandfather taught her. But her initial efforts did not paid off. However, instead of losing hope she became more determined to recover her optimum health and created her own Qigong routine. She practiced Qigong exercises for two hours in a day and amazingly, she was able to get rid of her cancer in six months time.

In the year 1970, she began to teach Qigong lessons which she called New Qigong Therapy to other cancer victims in the parks of Beijing, China. Her therapy is not based on the external Chi of another person but on the inner chi of the patient. It is a combination of active and passive exercises in three different stages. First stage is relaxation, second is concentration and third is breathing.

In 1977, she conducted classes for approximately three hundred to four hundred students each day. She worked untiringly until her death in 1984. That is about twenty years after Western treatment failed to cure her condition.

There are a lot of reasons why Qigong is very efficient in treating cancer. Unlike in Western medicine where Cancer victims experience depression because of helplessness, Qigong creates a positive impact to patients that increases the immune system’s capacity to stop cancer cells from developing.

Accordingly, during the state of meditation, the patient does not have depressing thoughts or worries and the body is able to return to a normal state which is essential in balancing the movement of the Chi and blood. Also, happiness can be acquired through meditation resulting to improved self confidence and a higher spirit.

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