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The Purge of the Past for Powerful Psychic Insights

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Phase I– The Visionary Component

1. This is a life review

2. As you meditate, focus on the back of your eyelids and envision a gigantic screen where you can see images from your childhood.

3. You can see opportunities you’ve missed, people you’ve hurt, and unfinished business you need to resolve.

4. You are confronting the reality of your life not your interpretation based on how you want it to be remembered.

5. Go back and let go of the experience and come to terms with the experience or just re-contextualize the experience.

6 Focus: Do you see images of spirits or someone who has passed over to the other side?

Phase II– Introspection of your life
1. This will gently open up your psychic senses even more
2. Review each year of your life and go back as far as you can. Relax into it and let the visions flow. Do not force them.
3. Ask yourself– What can I learn from my past, that will serve me now to become a better human?

Phase III– Integration of Understanding yourself better
1. This can provide the freedom you need to let go of the negatives of the past, reflect on the positives and use that insight for the present and future.

2. Take action on the positive change you want to create.

3. Allow your mind, body and spirit to reflect on how you can use this more powerfully in the future.


Keep this experience private and only share it with those who are sensitive to this kind of energy breakthrough and won't judge or condemn you. This can be liberating, and at the same time difficult to explain to others.



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Sifu Al Perhacs has been training in the esoteric arts for over 20 years. He started out as a martial artist and quickly moved to the internal side of training. He has written over 20 different courses of study and currently has 5 best selling books. He is the Author, Creator and Visionary behind the Mind Force Method.

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