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4 Week Transformation

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4 Week Transformation--How to transform your Triad of Energy in 4 weeks.

First thing you must do is measure your energy.

The questions below will allow you to assess your current state. Once you go through this entire Master Class, you'll need to answer them again to determine if you've doubled your skills, perceptions, etc over the 4 week period.

These are but some of the many questions you can ask yourself when evaluating your skills level.

As we go through the class, please add valuable questions to this list or remove ones that don't apply to you.


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Sifu Al Perhacs has been training in the esoteric arts for over 20 years. He started out as a martial artist and quickly moved to the internal side of training. He has written over 20 different courses of study and currently has 5 best selling books. He is the Author, Creator and Visionary behind the Mind Force Method.

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