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Sifu Al Perhacs has been training in the esoteric arts for over 20 years. He started out as a martial artist and quickly moved to the internal side of training. He has written over 20 different courses of study and currently has 5 best selling books. He is the Author, Creator and Visionary behind the Mind Force Method.

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Qigong: A Better Way of Improving One’s Health

By admin | Meditation

Are you problematic, stress and weary?

How can you see and value your life?

Let’s have a health talk.

Life is everything and health makes life possible.

In the daily basis, how can you start and end up your day?

Just like the old saying says, “The greatest wealth is health”. Of course, all of us will agree about this. Without healthy body, doing things will not be possible.

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How to use Chi Energy | chi energy | chi healing

How to use Chi Energy? Try Chi Energy Meditation!

By admin | Meditation , Qigong

To meet the demands of modern life, people nowadays tend to be workaholic. From the pile of paper works on your desks, to the meetings you need to attend and the presentations you need to get done, all with just a little time of rest in between. These make you feel so stressed and tired, not just physically but also mentally. Apparently, that leads you to the point of frustration when you don’t get every single task done. It makes you over think – and over thinking makes you unhappy.  That stressed feeling makes it all overwhelming! Getting at this point in life you need to somehow give yourself even just some time to meditate. Have you heard about the Chi Energy? Do you have an idea on how to use it? This piece of writing will surely help you…

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Morning Acceleration

By admin |

Morning Acceleration:

Listen to this first thing in the morning or right before your training. You can actually listen to this several times per day. You can do this with your eyes closed as a meditative exercise or with your eyes open. This is an active subliminal recognition which is different from the other Mind Force and Qi Power Accelerator meditation from Module 3. Use them both and see which one resonates with your chi more.

You are energy…

You are power…

As you listen to this, have a conscious awareness of nice relaxed deep chi breathing…

When you inhale visualize powerful, euphoric and blissful energy entering your body from the ground up through your feet and into your entire body…

Into your entire being.

As you exhale, exhale all negative energy and impurities…

See them immediately moving away from you.

You body is now surrounded by this invisible field of physical magnetism and chi… It never tires… It never dims… It’s always there to protect you… To draw to you whatever you want… You have the self-confidence you have always dreamed of… You can now make your dreams become your realities…

It fills your body up with an incredible energy that you can use whenever you desire…

Visualize your energy being refilled like a fuel Gage in your car or a battery being charged to full capacity…

You are at full capacity…

It feels good…

You feel good.

This energy works to provide physical empowerment, mental clarity & spiritual harmony…

Today will be a great day.

Focus on being euphoric, blissful and happy…

You feel euphoric and blissful all the time…

Take just a moment and reflect on what you are grateful for– Your family…Your job….Your business…Your Health…All of the opportunities that will be created by you today.

The expectation is for success today and every day…

You are attracting success every day physically, mentally and spiritually…

You are a positive influence on everyone you come in contact with…

You are the CONTROLLER of your life…

Every challenge, every problem is being solved the moment you think about it. Send your positive and powerful energy to resolve all issues and conflicts…

YOU believe in the perfect outcome to every situation in your life…

You are relaxed and in control at all times…

Visualize your energy as a wave of euphoric, blissful and energetic tornado that you can send out anytime you desire…

Circle YOUR chi out into the world knowing it will come back to you with positive and amazing results…

You can feel YOUR CHI getting stronger & more powerful every day…

Remember the words you speak hold power…

Every word you speak to yourself empowers your chi and makes you stronger.

Say this both in your head and out loud– My words heal, quicken, vitalize, prosper, satisfy, persuade and make me and everyone I meet rich and abundant.

Remember that every resource you need either tangible or intangible is possessed by someone, somewhere at this very moment. You will find these individuals to provide you with those resources.

Your chi will precede you everywhere you go today. It is both powerful and subtle at the same time. It will provide you the power you need when you need it. You are now like a human dynamo of positive, euphoric blissful energy ready to take on the day…

5 Minute Morning Ritual

By admin |

The 5 Minute Morning Ritual

1. Contemplation Meditation (1m)

2. Blood Washing (1m)

3. Energy Packing (1m)

4. Standing Meditation (1m)

5. Lying Down Meditation (1m)

Advanced Sensitivity Training

By admin |

Sensitivity is one of the most important skills when it comes to overall Qi and Mind Force development... These vital concepts should not be disregarded, but focused on every day... When You Move You Fly means when you train sensitivity correctly and are sleeping, if just a cat comes into the room you will fly out of bed and be at it before you consciously know it.

The Purge of the Past for Powerful Psychic Insights

By admin |

Phase I– The Visionary Component

1. This is a life review

2. As you meditate, focus on the back of your eyelids and envision a gigantic screen where you can see images from your childhood.

3. You can see opportunities you’ve missed, people you’ve hurt, and unfinished business you need to resolve.

4. You are confronting the reality of your life not your interpretation based on how you want it to be remembered.

5. Go back and let go of the experience and come to terms with the experience or just re-contextualize the experience.

6 Focus: Do you see images of spirits or someone who has passed over to the other side?

Phase II– Introspection of your life
1. This will gently open up your psychic senses even more
2. Review each year of your life and go back as far as you can. Relax into it and let the visions flow. Do not force them.
3. Ask yourself– What can I learn from my past, that will serve me now to become a better human?

Phase III– Integration of Understanding yourself better
1. This can provide the freedom you need to let go of the negatives of the past, reflect on the positives and use that insight for the present and future.

2. Take action on the positive change you want to create.

3. Allow your mind, body and spirit to reflect on how you can use this more powerfully in the future.


Keep this experience private and only share it with those who are sensitive to this kind of energy breakthrough and won't judge or condemn you. This can be liberating, and at the same time difficult to explain to others.


Visualization for Chi Manipulation for Fluid Striking or Showering Qi

By admin |


An attacker approaches you with a weapon. Objective: To strike the attacker before his mind has time to know there is going to be pain inflicted on him. This can also be used to send euphoric blissful Qi to someone.


1. Feeling External: The attacker sees you falling and fainting-- You MUST project the feeling of fainting to him. Internal: You feel a focused meanness along with apprehension and danger.

2. Mental You project to your attacker that you are weak and submissive through the use of accented body language.

3. Visualization You visualize a black, swirling energy emitted from the depths of your soul entering into a lance. Entwined in this energy is a blooming bolt of lightening, which is how you should 'see' your strike.

4. Result: The immediate paralysis of the attacker, caused by shock. You confuse and finish the attacker with the first strike because he has no point of reference as to what has hit him.


1. Feeling External: The person sees you as bold and confident Internal: You feel a focused intensity of subtle, euphoric, blissful power

2. Mental You project that you are the person they want to know because you make them feel so good

3. Visualization You visualize a white or light, swirling energy emitted from the depths of your soul entering into a wonderful shower of qi. Entwined in this energy is a euphoric, blissful feeling of happiness and attraction

4. Result: The immediate attraction of that person to you based on your energy and mind force.

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