Qigong Breathing: Tool to Achieve Harmony and Balance

Qigong Breathing: Tool to Achieve Harmony and Balance

Qigong Breathing: Tool to Achieve Harmony and Balance

It is very ironic that in our search for a comfortable lifestyle we have in fact created a more troubled life. We have produced great stressors and a very aggressive environment. What’s worst is we have come to embrace all this stressors and relate it to pleasure. An example is our need for computers, mobile phones and etc. Many people, when not in a state of excitement think that they are not happy. They also feel deprived and are depressed. In order to satisfy this craving, they start to search for a new excitement that will produce adrenalin rush.

Our everyday life involve a lot of stress that’s why people get easily anxious and forget to relax even if the stressor is gone. Unfortunately, if we continue to allow ourselves to respond to all the stressors in our environment we jeopardize our health and eventually, we get sick.

But luckily there is Qigong, a discipline that enables the body to be in a state of harmony and balance. By engaging in Qigong, one will be able to appreciate the beauty of his or her surroundings and once again, experience a feeling of happiness.

In Qigong, a person is trained to be able to control the flow of the chi and experience great relaxation. This can be achieved through diaphragmatic breathing. It is said that if you breathe like a child, you will get in touch with your childhood buoyancy.

Accordingly, if a person uses diaphragmatic breathing, the lymph system is stimulated that leads to an automatic relaxation response. The lymph system is the body’s waste removal system. It traps toxins in the body including excess blood proteins in the cells. Do you imagine what can happen to the body if the waste removal system is destroyed? Certainly, we will loss our health and experience terrible diseases like cancer.

In order to take care of the body’s ‘filter’ it is necessary that these cells receive proper oxygenation. To do that, use the abdomen to breathe, exercise your upper arm and bounce, as in rebounding. Do it everyday and you will be able to remove all the wastes accumulated inside your body.

To sum up, adapting to a more calm state is not easy to do since we are all accustomed to a stressful environment. Nevertheless one should not loss hope, but instead he or she should start practicing and see how being serene helps in changing our reaction to different stressors.