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Sifu Al Perhacs has been training in the esoteric arts for over 20 years. He started out as a martial artist and quickly moved to the internal side of training. He has written over 20 different courses of study and currently has 5 best selling books. He is the Author, Creator and Visionary behind the Mind Force Method.

Intense Focus Exercise

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Using a blank wall stare at the blank wall.

  1. Eyes focused straight ahead
  2. Use the bridge of your nose as a focus point
  3. Stare straight ahead, remove thoughts from your head
  4. What do you feel?
  5. Begin to feel certain emotions– Happy Love, euphoric, blissful feelings Feel freight, feel anger, sadness
  6. Always end with your feelings being on the good happy loving energy”



Hot & Cold Qi Technique

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Shower Exercise

Turn water hot as you can stand it
Pack chi into your body
Turn the water as cold as you can stand it for several minutes to seal the chi

Grounding Qi

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Please Note: The Video Quality of This Video is Very Blurry-- Look for a New Video Soon.

Driving a root into the center of the earth.

Moving with power as you walk– Fill up a room with chi.

Driving the root is both a physical and mental exercise

Understand the difference between being connected to the ground energy (rooting) and being disconnected from the ground.

The opposite of Rooting chi is “Soaring Chi” which will be discussed in another module.

1. Can you feel the energy driving out of your feet and downward into the ground?

2. Can you visualize the energy shooting into the center of the earth?

3. Can you perceive a difference when you ground?

4. Practice grounding on a daily basis”

Relax Down & Power Up

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Please Note: The Video Quality of This Video is Very Blurry-- Look for a New Video Soon.
Sitting or lying down…

1. Sleepy Eyed Peripheral Vision
2. Deep breaths
4. Soften the voice

“I am relaxed and in control at all times”

Sequence Master Class Kick Off Conference Call for Week #2

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The key of this training is understanding how all 3 pieces of the Triad Method tie together and how you can begin immediately to get the benefits.

Week one and even the material prior is a lot of ground to cover.

Unlike most courses or classes where you study the material, you are encouraged here to jump right in with both feet.

You can adjust as you go– Get busy.

See the checklist below of some items you should have accomplished or at least attempted.

4 Week Transformation

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4 Week Transformation--How to transform your Triad of Energy in 4 weeks.

First thing you must do is measure your energy.

The questions below will allow you to assess your current state. Once you go through this entire Master Class, you'll need to answer them again to determine if you've doubled your skills, perceptions, etc over the 4 week period.

These are but some of the many questions you can ask yourself when evaluating your skills level.

As we go through the class, please add valuable questions to this list or remove ones that don't apply to you.

Chi Magnification

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Chi Magnification is the concept that you can magnify the output of chi with just your Mind Force.

The mind creates pictures constantly, so you must learn how to focus on something just like you would a magnifying glass taking the energy of the sun and transferring it to a piece of paper you are wanting to light.

qigong | qi gong benefits

Health Benefits you can Get from Learning Qi Gong

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Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing exercise that involves meditation and is integrated by physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (pronounced as chee-gong) is made up of two words in which qi refers to life force and gong that means accomplishment. Together, it is a system of practiced for health maintenance that involves healing.

Numerous benefits are to gain from Qigong. These includes:

  • It strengthens the Body and Mind. Performing qigong may aim to help your body to get healed and maintain the healthy aspect of your over-all well-being. It also helps people to calm their minds as it reconnects with their spirit.
  • It Improves the Body Organs. There are various techniques from each specific organ (e.g. the liver from hepatitis, the lungs from tuberculosis, or the heart from a heart attack). Qigong may address all of the healing needs of those specific sick organs.
  • It Prevents Injury. Qigong teaches a better balance as it teaches how to turns correctly. Practitioners of qigong learn to avoid strain and maintain well their capacity. It balances the energy and improves the weaker areas in the body.
  • It Builds Athletic and Martial Arts Power. Qigong is the fundamental of all the Chinese martial arts. Performing this qigong may help you develop chi and internal power.
  • It Eases the Stress and Balances Emotions. Stress is the root of all illness, that’s why as much as possible it must be avoided as you try to calm your mind. We face stress in our everyday lives, it may be to our job, family or relationships – that’s why it is important to gain the ability which converts the negative energy and destructive emotions to those that are more positive in nature. Through qigong, we may be able to release our anger and stress in a more healthy and peaceful way.

Qigong has been practiced by intellectuals, monks, warriors, and ordinary people mainly for martial arts, medical, or meditative purposes. The Mind Force Quantum Qigong Sequence Master Class will let you unleash and maximize the power of qigong. Learn these amazing concepts, methods and techniques to work for you like thousands of others from all over the world!